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Womens Plus Size Roman Gladiator Costume

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p>Life’s a struggle and the world’s an arena. Every morning you wake up, get ready for battle (we recommend green tea and yogurt for this purpose), and set out not knowing what you’re going to face that day. Is someone going to cut you off on your commute to work? Is Donald from sales going to eat the last s’mores Pop-Tarts in the staff kitchen before you can get to them first? Is your neighbor going to give you a hard time when you get home because your dog escaped while you were out and tore up his azalea bushes? You simply never know.

But you’re ready to rise to the occasion because you’re a modern day gladiator. That guy who cut you off? You decimate him with a perfectly timed horn honk and the most choice selection of hand gestures. Donald from sales and his unforgivable Pop-Tart heist? Let’s see how he fares when you tell the boss he’s been taking naps under his desk. And your neighbor will think twice about giving you grief when you challenge him to a fight to the death. Well, maybe that’s taking things too far, but you get it. You’re a fighter.

Let your inner combatant shine with our Roman Gladiator costume. With this prize fighter’s dress, shorts, cuffs, medallions, and headbands, you’ll have everything you need to make the crowd cheer. And when you look this good, you’re always going to get a thumbs up!

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