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Women’s Miss Law and Order Costume

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It is said that in the criminal justice system, people are represented by two different groups of investigators and prosecutors. They’re certainly important parts of the system, but it gets pretty rough when the two can’t agree on what needs to be done. Of course, if we’ve learned anything from film, we know that the right officer is ready to act even when they find themselves cuffed by the limitations of the law.

Sometimes that good-hearted and body-capable officer needs to become both the law and the order of the situation and figure out precisely who the good and bad guys are in the dangerous streets. And that might mean being the Bad Cop for once!

And you can be the perfect Lady Law with this Miss Law and Order costume. Turn your right fist to law and your left fist to order and you can be sure that the boys won’t have any problems staying in line. Begin with a long-sleeved midrift top with wing collar and low front-zipper bearing the authority-granting sigil of the police. Matching pants with a gleaming silver button closure and hip pockets give you the mobility needed to chase down any perps (if they dare even run). The look is completed, though, with the police medallion hat, 12” police baton, and a set of handcuffs. (Keys are included, assuming your captives are deserving of release.) With this sexy cop costume, you’re sure to clean up the riff raff and, heck, they might even want to record your stories for a police procedural… but what would we call it!?

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