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Women’s Luigi Dress Costume

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Going on a Super Mario-style adventure is not for the timid. You never know when the platform your running on might suddenly fall out from under you, or if a perfectly innocent looking warp pipe is home to a surprise piranha plant! But just because the world is tough, it doesn’t mean you always have to dress in grungy overalls and big clunky boots, although those do make kicking koopa troopas out of their shells a lot easier.

The best way to get a cute costume in the Mushroom Kingdom is to grab a power-up leaf or eat a mushroom, but luckily in our world, you can simply put on this Luigi Dress Costume, and you’ll be ready for a fun time! This dress is inspired by the trademark green plumber’s outfit worn by the younger Mario brother, but with a feminine twist that’s way more fun to dance and mingle in (and doesn’t make you look like you’re there to fix a leaky water heater). Sure, it may not be the ideal outfit for running through creepy, Boo-filled dungeons or leaping across lava and bottomless pits, but it looks a lot classier when you’re just out having a good time.

This sassy ensemble has everything you’ll need to look like a stylish video game adventurer. The dress resembles a pair of overalls, and the bushy mustache on a stick makes a cute, cheeky accessory for letting your inner-Luigi shine! And costumes are even more fun with more than one player, so team up with a pal wearing a matching Mario Dress Costume to be your Player 2! (even though Luigi is technically Player 2, but we won’t tell them if you don’t)

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