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Womens Green Player Costume

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Are you ready to be part of a dynamic duo this Halloween? Are you prepared to join a team that works as plumbers for a kingdom as a day job and also protects that very same kingdom from a fire-breathing, spikey-shelled snapping turtle free of charge? If so, first off, we must say that that is quite heroic and our hat is off to you. Next, we’d just like to let you know that we have the perfect costume for you to handle any threats you come across this Halloween.

With this awesome Women’s Green Player Costume, you’ll look ready to break some bricks and collect some coins. Who knows maybe you’ll even find some sort of power up and gain an awesome ability like flight or fire manipulation! How cool would that be?! This fun costume comes with a green tank top, the blue shorts suspenders, a pair of white gloves, and the awesome green hat. All you’ll need to complete this gamer transformation is a pair of white thigh highs or some sassy fishnets stockings along with some cute high heels that match the rest of the ensemble. Once you have all the accessories to perfect this costume, all you need is a friend to dress up as your red counterpart and the two of you will be ready an awesome gamer adventure!

Make a transformation with this Green Player Costume for women and kick off your Halloween celebration with a new high score! Whether it’s for hours on the dance floor or best dance moves will be up to you.

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