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Women’s Deluxe Poison Ivy Corset Costume

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Ah yes, Poison Ivy. Nature’s way of saying “don’t touch.” Or, if you prefer the full translation “why did you touch me because now you’re going to itch like crazy for a month straight.” Not a pleasant experience. Well, don’t worry, we know several simple homemade cures that will help you deal with that spreading itchy feeling and get you back to normal in no time. Oatmeal baths are a fun and delicious way to- hang on… Oh, that Poison Ivy! Okay, that makes so much more sense since this is a costume website. Poison Ivy, Gotham’s most notorious botanist and most potent biological weapon! Ivy would have made a heck of a florist in another life, but unfortunately she’s decided to use her powers to rid the world of people so that her beloved plants can flourish. She also loves wearing green (because plants) and being a sexy seductress (although we can’t shake the feeling that she’s not actually interested in us, but just using us. Love sure is complicated!).

Now’s your chance to get back at all the men of the world (well, women too. Most plants are bisexual, it turns out). Vine-ally, you can have your revenge while also looking your greenest, bestest self. Green really brings out your eyes, you know. So allow yourself to release your pheromones on unsuspecting humans as they marvel at the captivating creature before them. You’ll leave them aching to stop and smell your roses, but the only one who gets close to you is the one with the green thumb, naturally.

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