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Tween Cleo Cutie Costume

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“All the kids in the marketplace say, Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh, Walk like an Egyptian”

Your daughter first heard the song Walk Like an Egyptian about a month ago. Ever since then she has been trying to become Cleopatra. She says, if she is going to walk like an Egyptian, she might as well walk like an Egyptian Queen.

She has been slowly becoming more, and more like an Egyptian. First it was the haircut. She wanted straight bangs, and her pretty hair dyed black. You let her, freedom of expression, and all. Heck, straight bangs look really good on her too. You wish you were as brave as she is when it comes to her hair. Then she asked you how to do her eye make-up like an Egyptian queen.

You know that clothing is coming next. She will want to look like an Egyptian queen next, and with this Tween Cleo Cutie Costume it will be easy for her to do. She will be walking like an Egyptian in these multicolored hieroglyph leggings. And everyone will know that she is a queen when they see her wearing this gold sequined headband with faux jewels, her eyes made up just like you taught her to do. A golden neckpiece with draping mesh sleeves swinging around her as she dances. She will be the life of her middle school dance when she shows all the other kids how to “Walk like and Egyptian.” Next she will be doing the Vogue.

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