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Toddler Junior Jester Costume

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So your kid is a natural comedian, eh?

We don’t just mean solid one-liners and knock-knock jokes. We’re talking exceptional silly faces. Some good slapstick humor. Maybe a tumbling routine. A ludicrous song and a silly dance or two.

If that’s the case, then we agree, your kid is probably pretty hilarious. Because, let’s face it, with a talent list like that, they could make just about anyone laugh. If we’re honest, your kid sounds even more entertaining than current comics. Current comics just walk back and forth on a stage and tell stories with a microphone. Your kid sounds so much more lively. So much more entertaining.

Your kid sounds more like a Renaissance jester. What? That’s a compliment! Jesters had far more skills for entertainment than any modern day comedian. They were essentially one-man dinner shows for the royal court! That meant songs, acting, tumbling, stories… sounding familiar?

So if your kid wants to show off all of their silly skills, then this Toddler Junior Jester Costume is just right for them. It’s got a colorful jumpsuit in lime green and a colorful diamond pattern. There’s a black sash and a pom-pom tipped hood with stuffed points. In this outfit they’ll be as bright and colorful as their humorous personalities, and ready to crack-up a crowd at parties or Renaissance Festivals. We’re positive they’ll be a crowd favorite.

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