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The Flash 2nd Skin Costume

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Every superhero costume has its own set of high-performance standards to live up to. Superman’s outfit needs to be able to withstand tremendous impacts and hold up to space flight. Plastic Man needs a suit that can stretch just as easily as his ridiculously flexible body. Aquaman obviously needs something waterproof. And Robin – well, we’re not sure if Robin needed those tiny green shorts he used to wear or if that was just a comfort thing.

Not many heroic costumes get put through more punishment than that of The Flash. When you’re capable of traveling fast enough to not just skip across bodies of water or outpace a speeding automobile, but to run through the very fabric of time itself, you need an outfit that can stand up to some serious friction while not restricting your movement in the slightest. That’s a mighty tall order even if you don’t take into account the unorthodox storage method The Flash employs: he frequently stores his costume inside a spring-loaded ring, which means that the material needs to be not only super strong, but also incredibly compact. That’s got to be one heck of a design challenge.

Fortunately, the hard work has already been done for you with this sleek, poly/spandex blend skin suit. All you need to do is slip into this form-fitting bodysuit, emblazoned with the iconic Flash insignia, with white eyes and a smiling face printed on the hood, and strut your stuff as the world’s fastest man. It’s a look that’s sure to impress at any costume party or convention, but be forewarned that you’re probably going to get challenged to a lot of foot races.

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