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Snow Beast Adult Costume

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Wouldn’t it be magical to travel to the Himalayas? The towering peaks of those legendary mountains hold more mysteries than we basic humans can guess at. Getting into the humongous hills themselves is a miracle. It’s beautiful up there, that’s for sure. The little, windblown villages hint on the magic beyond the peaks, colorful flags blowing wildly from rocky cairns. Hearty goats peeking down on you from rocky outcroppings. The buildings sit on barren rocks with white washed walls, bright wood work, and gold accents. 

There’s no doubt that the mountains hold secrets. In the thousands of miles of snow covered fields and rock walls, there’s no life except the little pine trees and scrubby bushes that grow where the mountains dip into valleys and a bird soaring impossibly high in the sky. No life that you can see that is. Somewhere deep in the wilderness, a legend lurks. It could be a bear from a distance. If you were in a jungle you might think you were seeing an albino gorilla. But no, the Yeti has been ruling the isolated places of the Himalayas for thousands of years and if you come upon this legendary creature we’d run if we were you! 

This costume makes an unforgettable impression. The cozy jumpsuit is covered in white faux fur. The hands and feet are covered in blue and black rubbery skin with large nails. The mask is sculpted blue sporting a scary snarl. We’re sure this isn’t what you were expecting when you were taking on Everest but hey, what did we say? The Himalayas have some serious secrets!

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