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Sexy Trojan Warrior Costume

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Those Trojans were pretty impressive. They managed to fend of Greek forces for 10 years during the Trojan War before finally making the impressive mistake of accepting a victory horse statue. Sure, looking back, it might look like an obviously terrible idea, but hindsight is 20/20. Don’t tell us that you wouldn’t accept a cool present left on your doorstep without stopping to think of the ramifications. We know we would.

Plus, even if the Trojans lost the war, they kind of won—they’re the ones everyone remembers a thousand years later. You probably didn’t even know they were fighting the Greeks, did you? You just knew they accepted a giant horse statue. They went down in history, and that has to mean something.

You’ll go down in history yourself when you show up at your next costume party wearing this Sexy Trojan Warrior Costume. While Suzy from accounting is wearing a cheap superhero costume obviously purchased from a big box store, and Jack from sales is running around with a sheet thrown over his head, you’re going to easily capture everyone’s attention and demand their allegiance dressed as this sexy soldier. The brown bustier dress has a neckline and bodice trimmed with metallic gold ribbon, while the shoulder straps have gold satin lappets with faux gems at the tips. The brown interlock skirt is overlaid with gold satin lappets, while the zip-on long skirt panel is edged with gold satin. (Fun fact: It can be detached and worn as a cape!) There’s also a gold satin ribbon headband with a metal horseshoe covered in faux gems, gold satin gauntlets and a 12-inch long plastic toy sword to complete the look. Show up in this Sexy Trojan Warrior Costume to your next costume party and show everyone you’re not horsing around when it comes to fantastic Halloween looks.

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