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Quagmire Deluxe Adult Costume

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Some people might try to tell you that the notorious Family Guy neighbor Glenn Quagmire is over-compensating for something. They might contend that the ol’ boy Quaggy just didn’t get enough love in his young life – likely from his mother, according to traditional theories – and now he’s trying to make up for it by constantly pursuing the attentions and affections of the female species. Or, possibly, he has so much inner pain due to a past tragedy that the only way he can now feel good is through various highly questionable and potentially unhealthy sensual pursuits with whatever warm female body might be around. And yeah, some might even tell you that his behavior checks all the traditional markers of addiction, and that if there was a reality TV show for cartoons with sexual addictions, he’d probably fit right in (also, not for nothin’, but that sounds like a winner idea for a new show!).

Us, though? We disagree! Quagmire is simply a wild and crazy fun-loving guy who just also happens to be a consistently outrageous perv! When you think about it, Mr. Giggity-goo over here simply has certain interests and hobbies, just like everyone else. Sure, those hobbies and interests all stem from a one-track mind…and yeah, some of those interests aren’t entirely socially acceptable (some might actually even be illegal in 28 states)… but who are we to judge? After all, this is America, not Communist Sweden!

And really, at the end of the day, Quagmire isn’t trying to be a role model (and would certainly fail to succeed if he even tried)…but he is a great character to turn to if you’re looking to cut loose and live like the police aren’t watching. If you’re ready to get into some Adult Situations of your own this Halloween, then giggity-giggity-get (sorry, couldn’t resist) this Quagmire Deluxe Adult Costume. The polyester shirt says, “Hey, I’m here to party” and the molded latex mask will have all the ladies looking twice in your direction (whether it’s from surprise or fear, though, is anyone’s guess). Add a pair of stylish jeans and polished brown shoes and you’ll be ready for a night of alllll riiiiiiight.

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