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Plus Size Classic Santa Suit

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Name one guy in the world more popular than Santa Claus. Seriously, go ahead and try. We’ll even give you five seconds to come up with a guess… four… three… two… time’s up!!! See?! Just as we predicted. You can’t… because such a man simply doesn’t exist. Wherever Santa goes, whatever alias he goes by (Jolly Old St. Nick, Kris Kringle, the dude with the presents, etc.) he’s the instant life of the party. The poor guy can’t even walk down the street without getting mobbed by legions of screaming, adoring fans. Basically, he’s bigger than the Beatles!

Because spreading Christmas cheer at such an epic level is just too good to resist (as is the worldwide fame that goes along with it), become the big guy yourself this holiday season by suiting up in this Plus Size Classic Santa Suit! It’s a surefire way to make sure you’re a hit at this year’s big office party.

This costume has everything you need to get started on the road to holiday fame. That includes Santa’s velvety red coat–with the fluffy white trim everyone recognizes instantly–and the signature pants with an easy-to-use drawstring waist. The suit also comes with all the accessories that fully complete the iconic Santa picture, like the white gloves, the beard, and of course, the hat! We’d say just showing up as Old St. Nick is a gift unto itself… but bringing some actual gifts to the Christmas party is probably a good idea too!

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