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Plus Size Abominable Snowman Costume

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Cryptozoologists spend the bulk of their time looking after a variety of bizarre and semi-monstrous creatures that reportedly live in isolation and hiding throughout the world. The general study goes that observations of weird beings are frequent enough in a given area that there is a chance that a diminished population of the beasties might be in the area. It is always questionable if the creatures are considered dangers or endangered, though. After all, we do much the same thing for natural animals that we know to exist but are in such a diminished population, thanks to their habitat being destroyed or general expanding populations of humans. So, sometimes such animals need to be captured so they can be bred together in a controlled and save environment in order to protect the species.

Of course, that simply brings about a whole new angle to the cryptozoologists that the creatures that they’re hunting are likely unaware of. Does Nessie know that the folks trying to get a picture of her might also be interested in helping her fill out a profile on CryptoMatch.com? Swimming is a hobby that lots of creatures would enjoy. Or, perhaps they might be looking to get out of their normal habitat and see what another area of the world might be? So, mysterious Internet-using cryptocreatures… we strongly recommend that you branch out and see what else is out here in the world.

Take, for example, the amazing and often misunderstood Abominable Snowman. Perhaps you’re one of the creatures or just really interested in connecting with one. They live high up in the Himalayas and, despite the accounts that they have a digestion based on traveling Sherpas, are actually quite fond of a variety of baked goods. Convince the poor snowy folks that they can come down from the peaks for a while with this plus sized costume made of luxury long-pile faux fur, a one-piece jumpsuit with a molded vinyl face, hand, and feet components and an inflatable shoulder piece to show the bulk of the beasties. Who knows!? Maybe with enough time in the sun, we might finally affirm if the Snowman and Bigfoot are actually related!

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