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Hatsune Miku I Am Miku Womens Tunic Tank

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You are not a regular at karaoke–you are a Thursday night staple. If you fail to show up on the neighborhood pub stage, karaoke is pretty much canceled. Everyone go home; our star is M.I.A.! You love to sing and sing with gusto, so how about adding a little easygoing glamour to the mix? Try showing off those pipes with a little style update.

We don’t even have to ask if you’ve wondered what it is like to be a vocaloid singing sensation–of course you have. Well, good news, diva. You no longer have to belt out all those Lauper tunes in jeans and a boring tee anymore (and what would Cyndi say about your ho-hum style?). Nope! Now you can pack a punch and really perform for a crowd when you transform into the blue haired songbird, Hatsune Miku by wearing this Hatsune Miku I Am Miku Womens Tunic Tank! It’s a simple way to add a dash of stage-worthy style to typical Thursday nights.

This pullover tank dress will instantly give you the vocaloid’s Kawaii inspired style, which will instantly make you just that much more of a star at your weekly show. This tunic comes complete with an aqua colored tie and yellow name tag. All you’ll have to do is supply the blue pig-tail hairdo and you’ll be ready to sign up for a whole lotta songs. Sing your heart out–in unique and eye-catching style, of course! Cyndi would be proud.

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