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Gilligan Costume

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Maybe we’re overthinking things, but the plot of Gilligan’s Island is pretty unrealistic. The most glaring silliness is how great a coincidence it is that the cast just happened to get marooned on an island with the same name as the main character of the show. Supposing they’d landed on “Ginger’s Island” or “Thurston Howell’s Island.” It’d be just as strange. Also, how did they manage to go so far off course during a three hour tour? It’s not like the S.S. Minnow was a speed boat or anything. Finally, that the Professor could make a lie detector and a geiger counter out of junk lying around but not a ham radio just shows an uncharacteristic lack of creativity on his part. We’re starting to think that Gilligan’s Island never even happened.

Well, we’ll just have to suspend our disbelief. We love Gilligan, a guy whose intentions were always so good that even his own ineptitude couldn’t hold him back. Whether he was drooling over Ginger, eating one of Mary Ann’s coconut cream pies (where’d she get the cream?), making fun of the Skipper, getting beaten by the Skipper, or just otherwise botching escape attempts, we always related to Bob Denver’s loveable goofball.

If you share our pro-Gilligan sentiments, then you’re rather in luck, because now you can dress up as the first mate himself! This costume comes with Gilligan’s shirt, pants, and trademark bucket hat. The hat has Gilligan’s hair attached, because goodness knows without that people might not know who you’re supposed to be!

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