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Furry Frankie Monster Costume

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Sesame Street always seems so sweet and innocent, doesn’t it? All those friendly puppets talking to children, teaching them math and letters and how to be nice. It’s perfect, right? Wrong! Because now those monsters have tasted human flesh, and they won’t be stopped until they’ve had more! That’s right, at first glance this costume looks so sweet, doesn’t it? Colorful blues and purples, big goofy eyes, purple dots; it’s cute and friendly and perfect for a kids party, right? Wrong! Look again. Look at those teeth protruding down from that gaping mouth. This costume isn’t of some friendly little guy. No, Furry Frankie is eating that woman! Yes, that’s right, the puppets have gone berserk, the inmates are running the asylum! And what does a puppet do after they’ve been forced to talk, forced to be worn in the most unspeakable manner? They are angry. If you prick them, they do not bleed. If you tickle them, they do not laugh. But you have wronged them, and they shall revenge!

Yes! It is all our downfall that the puppets are so angry after years and years of our hands stuffed up their backsides. Now they will devour us, consume us whole, one piece at a time. And it starts innocently enough, a simple Halloween costume. “Put us on your head” it says. “We’re cute” it says. And you lay that hood upon your crown and suddenly feel a sharp pain as the puppet bites into your flesh! “The evil humans shall be vanquished!” it cries. We are doomed. We belong to the puppets now. But, if you look back at the history of human civilization, maybe we did this to ourselves.

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