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Deluxe Child Yoda Costume

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So, you showed your son the old Star Wars movies. He was impressed with Yoda in Episodes 1 through 3. But he really connected with the Jedi Master on Dagobah. But maybe that is because he also really liked the things he made Luke do. Your son ran around for weeks trying to lift imaginary ships out of the “swamp” that was your living room rug.

He liked old Yoda so much, that when you turned on Episode 3 the other day, he was like “Dad, that’s not how Yoda is supposed to look.” He really, really liked the darker (not CGI) Yoda, when he was a little more crazy looking in the later episodes too. But he also likes how Yoda fights in the early episodes. The way the little green guy can jump, and flip, and twist in the air while fighting with his lightsaber. It was awesome. (We think so too!) But ever since then your son has been asking to be Yoda. He wants to practice his Jedi skills, and he wants to be Yoda while he does.

Luckily for you (so you don’t have to find drawn pictures of your son becoming a little green alien anymore, although they were pretty freaking cute, just not taped to the inside of the shower, or inside the fridge, or that memorable one in the microwave) we have this Deluxe Child Yoda Costume. Your son can put on the green mask, and the brown jumpsuit, and the tan robe, and become one of the most powerful Jedi. Just be warned, putting on this mask does not imbue your son with the ability to do awesome jump flips while holding a lightsaber. No, he will have to learn that somewhere else.

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