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Clubbin’ Cavewoman Costume

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We know that your caveman can be a bit… how shall we say… thick headed, yes? We completely understand. Sometimes they don’t respond to your grunts and coos the way you’d like. Sometimes they don’t listen at all but head out of the cave to hunt without so much as a “Harumph.” It can be a quite distressing, so we don’t blame you if you give him a quick wake-up call with that club of yours. Sometimes it’s the best way to get your guttural squawks heard: a bit of good old-fashioned clubbing.

We imagine some of your discontent is being stuck in your cave all day. Sure, it’s spacious. Love what you’ve done with the wall scratches and piles of fur. But if we’re being honest, everyone could use a night out, right? We’d like to introduce you to a different form of clubbing. One that involves going out. Letting your wild side out. Dancing. Dancing? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how it’s done.

So if you’re ready for a night of clubbing at the clubs, you should try out Clubbin’ Cavewoman Costume. It’s faux fur (we know, not quite the quality you’re used to with your authentic mammoth) with a leopard print pattern. There’s arm and leg wraps with extra laces and some small bones. Put on this number, grab your favorite blunt object, and let’s hit the town… and anyone else in our way!

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