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Child Minion Bob Costume

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Does your kid still carry his teddy bear? Does he befriend stray rats? Does he have two different colored eyes? Is he a bit childish, at times? Does he speak unintelligibly?

He doesn’t? That’s OK, he can still become his favorite ever minion this Halloween. In fact, we really hope your child has a more developed vocabulary than Minion Bob…ahem…King Bob!. “Bottom” won’t get you very far in a real world conversation. But we totally can’t blame your little one for becoming a major Minion fanatic. They are, we are, everyone is! The cute henchmen from the Despicable Me franchise have taken the world by storm and even have their own feature film, Minions (in which Bob plays a leading role). They are poised to be the most popular criminal accomplices of all time. Also probably the cutest. Let’s be honest, flying monkeys don’t quite compare, now do they?

Let your tyke get his Minion on with this authentic Child Minion Bob Costume. The simple jumpsuit is printed to look like denim overalls with the signature minions yellow shirt underneath. He’ll also get to go bonkers for the matching yellow skull cap, foam three-finger gloves, and…of course…the goggles. We assure you that this look won’t lead to a future life of crime! Or regression into childish antics. Or bringing home rodents as pets. It will, however, lead to a spike in his adorability and a bunch of fun antics with his other minion friends.

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