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Brown Gravekeeper Cloak

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The gravekeeper, the creepy loner who lives in a shack and tends the dead, is pretty much a horror staple. Oftentimes, they’re up to no good. Living in the shadow of a decaying Victorian manor, gothic castle, or on the edge of a cursed town, they have access to corpses and they’e doing something weird with ‘em. Supplying them to mad scientists or playing servant to a sleepy vampire during the day. Maybe they’re not the baddy, but are there to deliver an ominous warning about the supernatural threat to the heroes in their role as guardian of the veil between life and death. Or maybe the gravekeeper’s the real hero; maybe they’re the ones trying to keep the restless dead in the ground and nobody believes the crazy old hermit.

Whatever the scenario, pair a profession with proximity to death and a world where the dead rise, remain, or stick around in any fashion, and you’ll never have a dull day. Live that gravekeeper life you’ve always dreamed of with our Brown Gravekeeper Cloak.

That said, if you only considered this cloak for your gravekeeper costume, it could be a little limiting. Dressing up is about creativity! There’s very little about this cloak that makes it specific to a cemetery warden. Staying genre-faithful, it would be perfect for a vampire or witch going for Earth tones rather than all black everything, a mad monk, or even a zealous vampire-hunter. Opening the genre possibilities up, it works for a rustic wizard, druid, or Jedi, a princess in hiding, an outlaw, desperado, highwayman, or Zorro-like vigilante. Cloaks and capes were a mainstay of fashion and protection from the elements for centuries if not millennia. Who’s to say you’re not going to bring it back into style?

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