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Boys Friendly Scarecrow Costume

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This year you can dress your kiddo up in a fun costume and finally take care of the crow problem! Take a look at this Boys Friendly Scarecrow Costume. It will be perfect for your youngster to skip around the block in and collect plenty of treats as well as keeping those pesky crows away from your fields.

Transform your little one into the most adorable scarecrow anyone has ever seen this Halloween. Don’t worry about having to gather up bundles of loose straw while your child runs around in this costume, it’s completely straw free! It is actually a very easy to assemble ensemble. Besides the hat in the picture, everything is attached in one nifty jumpsuit! Pretty sweet, right? So all you need to do is fasten the Velcro in the back of the costume and toss the included hat atop his head, then he’ll be ready for quite the adventure this Halloween. Who knows, maybe your kiddo will get wrapped up in a storybook-like quest and end up saving a magical land… or he could become a comic book super villain, like one of Batman’s greatest rivals. There are a lot of options for scarecrows in today’s society.

Whether your little one decides to stick to the friendlier side of the scarecrow spectrum or if he wants to lean more so towards the fiendish side is up to him. All you need to do is grab him this Scarecrow Costume. Whichever way he plays the role, you can be sure you won’t have to worry about that crow problem anymore.

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