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Arkham Asylum Joker Kit

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Congratulations! You’ve just gotten out of Arkham Asylum again (whether that means “parole” or “escape” this time, we’ll do you a favor and simply not ask), but unfortunately you’ve got to start all over again, right from scratch. Luckily we have just the thing to get you up and running as the Joker again! Because you don’t have time to go shopping all over town for the right ingredients to your cocktail of crazy (we assume you’re busy plotting the downfall of Batman, the takeover of Gotham, or some other diabolical scheme). So let us help you out with this awesome and super convenient Arkham Asylum Joker Kit!

It’s got the most important elements you’ll need to re-establish yourself as the Clown Prince of Crime. First, it has a pair of fine white gloves. You’ll need them to capture your classic style, and hey, you can’t go leaving your fingerprints all over the place. At least not yet. Then it has the novelty squirting flower to cool off those humorless hotheads… because what good is a “Joker” who doesn’t have any jokes? And you definitely wouldn’t be the Joker without that wild mop of green hair. That’s why this kit includes a bright green wig, so you don’t have to waste your time looking for a stylist!

With this Arkham Asylum Joker Kit, you’ll be ready to go in just a couple of minutes. Just be sure to have a look around at the rest of our Joker accessories to piece the rest of your getup together!

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