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Why is it that every time Alice ends up in the Underland, the Red Queen is always there to ruin her fun? Doesn’t Her Highness have a bunch of royal duties to keep her busy? There’s much more to being in charge than just ruling your subjects, though, and dressing up in this official Red Queen Costume will have you looking as dazzling as the infamous monarch from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland!

When you first meet The Red Queen, she may seem a little hot tempered, and like she jumps straight to lopping off the heads of those that displease her a bit too quickly. But what they never tell you in the storybooks is that being the queen of Underland is a very stressful gig! It may look like she’s overreacting when she demands that whoever stole her tarts be executed, but she may have been looking forward to those tarts for a long time. And, if she lets one of her subjects get away with stealing her special snacks, next time they might try to steal something even more precious, and no queen can let that stand!

Of course, you don’t have to be such a tough queen in order to look like one. This licensed Disney costume is all you’ll need to transform into the exact type of ruler you want to be! The regal satin dress features gold fabric details, and the included petticoat gives plenty of volume to your royal fashion. You’ll just have to decide if you want to be a loving and understanding queen, or if your solution to everything will be to yell “Off with their head!”

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